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What I Applied

Favorite Things | Spring Edition

Brittany Bauer


It's been a hot minute since I created a beauty post. Like a really hot minute. Like scorching hot. 

So here I am with a fresh new post for you. Let's do this.

I wanted to chat for a quick minute about all the beauty items I'm loving this spring. Now this has the potential to be VERY long, considering I went bananas in Sephora recently. But I decided to narrow it down for my sake (and for your sake) and pick my top 6 must-haves. 

1. ESSIE nail polish in Ladylike  

This is my idea of the perfect nude. It's not too brown, with just the right amount of pinky/purple in it. I love the formula of Essie nail polishes too. They glide on so smooth and only need two coats for an opaque finish. I've been living in this.

2. SEPHORA Pro Angled Liner brush

My method of choice when lining my eyes is to use a black eye shadow with an angled brush. This Sephora brand one does such a great job, by picking up the right amount of product and applying with great precision. 

3. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Global Glow

I've been using this mineralize skin finish to help warm up my skin during the warmer months. The  bronze color helps give me a sun-kissed look, while the light-catching minerals in the powder help my skin have a healthy glow. 

4. ELIZABETH & JAMES Nirvana in Black and White

If I had to pick my signature scent, this would be it. Not necessarily just for spring, but all year around, this perfume is the perfect earthy, yet feminine fragrance. The trick is to layer the Black scent and the White scent together, getting warm and girly notes in one.

5. VERB Curl Cream

I've been playing around with my hair a lot recently (I just got bangs! but that's for another post) and decided to try out some new products. This cream is perfect for naturally wavy hair. It keeps my waves separated and beachy, while remaining light weight and soft (unlike some products that make my hair crunchy and gross).

And the star of the show...

6. AESOP Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner

This product is literally a game changer. I have exceptionally red skin, especially around my nose and cheek areas. This toner helps to calm my skin so I have a balanced and even skin tone. It makes such a difference under my foundation, so my skin isn't left with a noticeably pink undertone. 

Well I think that's it for now! I'm probably going to do another one of these posts for summer, because obviously I shop all the time and will find new favorite things. But for now, take my word on all this amazing stuff, you will not be let down!

Until next time!

L O V E. Britt.

H&M Beauty

Brittany Bauer

WOW. Where have I been lately? What have I been doing? DID I FALL OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH?! 

Well I'm happy to report that I am in fact alive and back on my blog. I have something really big going on and it's taking up so much of my time. But I want to make sure everything is 100% figured out before I share with you all. I hope that's okay. 

Anyways, the main reason for this post. H&M just launched its beauty line and it's in select stores across the U.S. I was in New York City this past week and stopped in to my favorite H&M to check out the new line. This is what I picked up: 



In one of my recent posts I mentioned that lip colors tend to bleed on my face. It's obnoxious, but it happens. Now I'm not going to go out and buy a matching lip liner for every lip color I decide to try (especially since I've been experimenting with lip colors a lot lately). In comes the invisible lip liner. I've worn this product about three times now and it has worked wonders. It does everything a lip liner is supposed to, but I can use it for any color I choose that day. BRILLIANT.


These lip sticks. Ohh these lip sticks. Let me start by saying YES TO H&M. Now that that's out of my system, I can say that the color pay off on these is amazing. The colors are so vibrant and cover amazingly well. I haven't used them without the invisible lip liner yet, but the combo of the two together literally lasts me all day. It even has a bit of a staining effect, so eating and drinking is worry free!


I really love the color of this shadow. It's a perfect gold / camel color that I think I will be wearing all autumn long. H&M does have pallets available too, which will be a better deal than buying the individual shadows (but I don't wear eye shadow that often so buying a single color was fine for me). I do have a problem with eye shadows creasing on my lids (I know, I'm such a pain between this and the bleeding lip stick thing). This eye shadow did crease on me through out the day, but a little primer would definitely do the trick.

Shiitake High Impact Eye Colour, Heirloom Cream Lip Colour, Rust Me Cream Lip Colour

Shiitake High Impact Eye Colour, Heirloom Cream Lip Colour, Rust Me Cream Lip Colour

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the H&M beauty line. I wasn't expecting anything crazy with these products (considering they come from a clothing store) but they turned out to be really nice!

And one last thing. I should probably mention that the product selection and color variety is insane! I was shocked at how many products there were and how many different shades are available. They have everything from nail polishes to glitter dust (not my thing but cool none the less) to makeup brushes and tools. I definitely want to go back and try one of the bronzers and pick up some nail polishes too.

Okay that's all for now (And I promise you'll hear from me again soon! No more hiatuses (hiat-i?) for this girl). 

Until next time!

L O V E. Britt.

(Im)perfect Hair

Brittany Bauer


For those of you who saw my most recent "What I Wore" posts, you're probably going to think that these photos seem familiar. Well YOU ARE RIGHT. I wanted to do an extension of my last hair post by showing how I style my hair regularly, and I was able to capture these hairstyles in previously shown photos. I am a huge fan of "imperfect" hair. I like my hair to look a little messy and for pieces to be out of place. 


I always start with day-old hair, the dirtier the better (I know that sounds gross but it's true!). I spray my roots with Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo (it's my favorite and it can be found right at the drug store!) and massage it into my scalp. This helps absorb some of the oil while giving my hair a gritty texture that is perfect for a messy look. I then gather my hair in a low ponytail, keeping a center part. Make sure the elastic is tight because we're now going to tighten the ponytail while pulling it upward. This will create body and prevent that slicked back look that we're trying to avoid. Now I just pull some pieces out around my hairline and voila! I'll sometimes spray the ponytail with a sea salt spray if it needs a little extra oomph, but that's generally it.


I'll generally do the same process if I want a messy bun. I gather my hair a little higher on my head when putting in the elastic than I would for a ponytail. (For a half up look, I start gathering my hair a little above my ears so that some hair lays over them.) For my final loop of the elastic, I simply pull my hair through only half way. From there I just play with it and set it how I want. I will pull out some pieces, tuck some back, whatever creates that messy yet put together vibe that we're going for.

I always try to keep two things in mind when creating "imperfect" hairstyles. First, I never want my hair flat to my head. Volume is my best friend, especially when going for "just rolled out of bed chic." Second, I always try to make my ponytail or bun larger than life. I put in all the sea salt spray and all the hairspray.

Our new motto: Messy hair is the best hair.

Until next time!

L O V E. Britt. 

All About Hair

Brittany Bauer

(The sunbeam on my face makes me look like an old lady at the beach with sunblock on her nose)

(The sunbeam on my face makes me look like an old lady at the beach with sunblock on her nose)

Hello again!

So for those of you who have known me for a long time, you know that I used to have the world's longest hair. Back in middle school, I could sit on it. I was insane. But now I go through this cycle where I grow my hair out and then chop it all off to donate it. I've done this twice now, and I'm currently working on growing it out again. I thought it would be nice to do a post on the products I use on a regular basis to keep my hair healthy and accelerate its growth.

I'm going to start out by saying I have EXTREMELY thick hair. It has a fine texture, but there is just so much of it. (That's another reason why I cut it all off when it gets too long, the weight of all the hair gives me headaches.) It's naturally quit wavy, and on hot days very frizzy. I figured I would share my favorite products for in the shower and my favorite products for styling (depending on whether I leave it natural or style it with heat). 


TRESemmé Deep Cleanse Shampoo

Pantene Silkening Conditioner

I've never been one that had to use the matching set of shampoo and conditioner. I've found that my scalp needs a different treatment than the ends of my hair.

So a little backstory - I grew up in a very rural town where the water we used in the house came from our own well. When I moved to Providence, my hair did not agree with city water. I found that my hair always looked greasy right out of the shower and I couldn't run my fingers through it. So one of my best friends, Lindsey came to my rescue and told me I need a clarifying shampoo. (Lindsey's a hair stylist in Boston. Check out her Instagram here, she's the bomb). These types of shampoos are made for hair that is prone to build-up (specifically from my new water). Now I should also let you know that I only wash my hair twice a week, so using a shampoo that strips my hair of build-up is okay. (If you wash your hair every day, a clarifying shampoo will dry your hair out like CRAZY.) But this product has made a world of difference for me!

Now this conditioner claims to erase the damage of 100 blow drys. I don't know about that, but I do know that I noticed a considerable difference in the texture of my hair after trying this conditioner. The "silkening" effect of this conditioner counteracts the drying nature of the clarifying shampoo, so the ends of my hair are left so, so, SO smooth.


Pantene Heat Protection Spray 

Big Sexy Hair 'Spray and Play' Volumizing Hairspray

The two products on the left I use when I'm styling my hair with heat. I was told once that using any type of hot tool on your hair without a heat protector is like taking a pan out of the oven without wearing an oven mitt. Well that scared me, so now I'm a devout heat protector user! It helps prevent any breakage so your hair can grow long and strong! I've found this one does the trick, and it smells nice too. 

Also, I can't speak any more highly of this hairspray. Since my hair is so heavy, I've had very little luck finding hairsprays that keep volume in my hair rather than weighing it down even more than it already is. But this one is perfect and leaves that gritty texture and hold that is perfect for volume.

Not Your Mother's 'Beach Babe' Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

The two products on the right are my favorites to use when I'm letting my hairs' natural waves go free. I'll use the Not Your Mother's spray if I'm letting my hair air dry. I've found with this product I need to douse my hair in the stuff (while it's still damp), but it has that nice beachy look when it's dry. I will use the Living Proof product if I'm blow drying my hair with a diffuser. It gives my hair the best volume when heat is applied, and gives that nice tousled look as well. 

Well that's all for now. I hope that was a little helpful, considering I get questions about my hair quite a bit. Everyone cross your fingers for me that my hair grows out super fast. I'm sick of this short length business. BOO.

Okay until next time!

L O V E. Britt. 

The Perfect Red

Brittany Bauer

Red lipstick used to scare me. I was scared it would end up on my teeth. I was scared it would end up on my face. I was scared it would make my naturally pink skin look even pinker. But then I did some research and experimented with some colors and found that red lips are not scary at all. I just need to know what I'm doing. I take two things into consideration when wearing a red lip: 

1. THE LIP LINER  -  Lip colors tend to bleed on my face. I have no idea why, but I don't like it. In fact, that's probably where my fear of having lipstick end up all over the place comes from. I've found that lip liners don't have to be anything fancy, but they really go a long way. A basic one from the drug store works just fine for me. My favorite is NYX Lipliner Pencil (in 812 Plum if I'm wearing a red). 

2. THE RIGHT SHADE  -  Since I have red undertones in my skin, there are certain things I need to keep in mind. The ideal red for me has a blue undertone to it to balance out my fair skin and my blonde hair. Any red with a yellow/orange hue will make me look ill (TRUST ME I'VE TRIED IT). Allure Magazine did a great article on what reds are best for certain skin tones. Find it HERE

So in my journey for the perfect red, I came across two lipsticks that check all the boxes. Both can be found at Ulta, one being high end and the other being a drug store dupe. HERE WE GO:

1. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in 'Melted Velvet' ($21)  -  A nice cherry color that dries matte. The product comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator, which can make the application process a little messy (this is when the lip liner is my best friend). However, the color is perfect and it will literally last all day.

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in '01 Rossetto' ($5.49)  -  Such amazing color payoff. It's very easy to apply because it's in a traditional bullet form. This lipstick is a little more comfortable to wear than the Too Faced product because, although it is also matte, it doesn't feel so dry on the lips. 

With all things considered, I have to say my favorite of the two is the Rimmel London lipstick. As you can see, the two colors are pretty much identical, but the Rimmel product is so much easier to wear. It applies nicer and doesn't feel like a drying matte lipstick during the day. (The price tag is better too!)

Well that's all for now! As promised on Instagram, here's a photo of me snuggling with bae. 

L O V E. Britt.