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What I Wore

Winter Chill

Brittany Bauer

Hello lovely people!

If you're anything like me, these past couple days have made you want to do nothing more than bundle up with a blanket and cocoa in bed and watch Netflix until April. You would think I would be used to the frigid cold, having lived in New England my entire life. Yet every year it's the same question: HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO SURVIVE THIS WINTER?

But the other day I built up the courage to leave my apartment. That's right, call me a hero. I ventured out into the arctic conditions and took a trip to the Upper East Side to see my girl Ashley. We ate SO. MUCH. FOOD. and vented about all things weather, work, and life related. But you know me. I had to sneak in a mini photo session while I was there. HEHE. 

Looking back at it, this outfit was absolutely, by far the wrong choice. My lack of a proper winter coat and my exposed shins are proof enough. You'll also notice my one consistent pose in all the photos, considering my lack of body heat and overall energy. 

However, I did really like how this came out and I think I'll keep the outfit idea in my back pocket until spring. My favorite item in this outfit is absolutely the dress. I've always been afraid to wear dresses this length out of fear it will make my short legs look even shorter. But I found this magical dress in the petite section at Topshop and it hits right below my knees, exactly where it needs to be! 

Black midi dress  -  Topshop (available in Petite!)

Moto jacket  -  MICHAEL by Michael Kors (bought at TJ Maxx)

Scarf  -  H&M

Socks and tights  -  H&M

Chelsea boots  -  Topshop

Lips  -  Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in 'Red Velvet'

Okay that's all for now. Stay warm everyone!

Until next time!


Simple Things

Brittany Bauer


Some of you may know this, and some of you may be learning this for the first time, but I only have two weeks left in my little city of Providence. (I'm saving all the details for another blog post!) But for right now, I'm trying to get everything under control with my move while enjoying my last couple days here. 

Now since I've been super busy getting things in order, I haven't had much time (or energy to be honest) to get nice and dressed up. But that's okay! I found a way to still look put together and presentable while wearing casual, over-sized pieces and my favorite sneaks. This is what I've been working with: 

Grey sweater  -  H&M

Cuffed black denim  -  American Eagle

Long scarf  -  H&M

Coat  -  Forever 21

Sneakers  -  Nike 'Roshe Runs' (bought at Kids' Foot Locker...hehe)

Can't wait to fill you all in soon! Until next time!

L O V E. Britt. 

Dark Skies + Dark Clothes

Brittany Bauer

The past couple days in Rhode Island (and the rest of New England I'm sure) have been damp and gloomy. Whenever this type of weather roles in, I want nothing to do with the outside world and to snuggle up on my couch with Netflix and the kitties. But on the rare occasion I get my butt out the door, I am typically dressed to suit the weather.

So here I am, dressed head to toe in all black. Whenever I go monochrome, I always try to mix it up with fabrics (otherwise the outfit can look flat and boring). Here I have a faux leather jacket, denim pants, and suede boots. Although they are all black, they don't blend together or get lost. 

Faux leather jacket  -  BB Dakota (Bought at Urban Outfitters)

Skinny jeans  -  American Eagle

Suede fringe boots  -  H&M

Blanket scarf  -  H&M

I like that American Horror Story: Coven vibe this outfit gives off, ya know? And just in time for October. BOO!

Until next time!

L O V E. Britt. 

Casual Plaid

Brittany Bauer

I love this over coat. I need to say that again. I LOVE THIS OVERCOAT. I bought it on a whim last week and I'm so happy I did. Here's what I love about it:


The classic black and white plaid gives off a smart, dressy vibe, however the drop shoulder and cuffed sleeves help make the coat casual and easy to wear. I can picture myself not only wearing this coat on a casual day, but also dressing it up with a black midi-dress and heels. The options are endless.


When working with oversized pieces, the right fit and styling is crucial. Especially with my petite frame, I find it difficult to wear anything with a boxy silhouette. I made it work by tucking my sweatshirt into my high-waisted jeans to keep my figure visible. The oversized coat adds some extra volume to an otherwise fitted outfit, but not so much that my body is swimming in fabric.

Plaid overcoat  -  H&M

Crew neck sweatshirt  -  H&M

Light wash denim  -  Gap

Slip-on sneakers  -  H&M

'Bag of Tricks' clutch  -

Until next time!

L O V E. Britt.  

Primark Love

Brittany Bauer

Hello everyone!

I want to start by saying sorry for being borderline nonexistent lately. I've had a crazy couple weeks at work recently and there are some new/exciting things going on in my life right now (That's for another post though...muahaha). I did however find some time in my busy schedule to visit the new Primark store in Boston and do some shopping. (Maybe you saw my last post about the amazing store and the amazing prices? Maybe not? Idk but this post makes a lot more sense if you did!) Anyway, I put together three outfits from the purchases I made at Primark. HERE WE GO.

LOOK 1: My wardrobe typically consists of neutral colors (SO MUCH black, white and tan). But I was inspired by all the fall colors that Primark had to offer. So I decided to explore with color! Here I decided to block several solid colors together, but mix it up with different textures and volume. 


Fuzzy sweater  -  $14

Skater skirt  -  $16

Necklace  -  $3.50

Glossy loafers  -  $15

LOOK 2: One thing I love is coordinates, but I've never owned any. Well the times have changed people! Here we have my very own two piece set and I'm so happy! I love that I can wear the pieces together, but style them separately as well. I went for color again with this outfit (I feel so daring).

Crop top sweater  -  $14

Matching sweater skirt  -  $16

Strappy heels  -  Old Navy

LOOK 3: Can we please just take a minute for these boots. THESE BOOTS. Now I didn't get them from Primark, but I did get them for an early birthday present from my mom. And since I've been on the hunt for things to wear with these magical boots, I decided to pick up this big, slouchy sweater from Primark. I think I'm going to live in this. 

Mock turtleneck sweater dress  -  $21

Bandage skirt  -  H&M

Thigh-high boots  -  Calvin Klein (Bought from Macy's)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this one! If I had to sum up this post in one sentence it would be this: "PRIMARK IS DA BOMB!" 

Until next time!

L O V E. Britt.